Brandon from Portal

Brandon is a client of Portal, Inc., a Volunteer Center of Ozaukee County partner agency that assists people with disabilities in developing job skills, social skills, and ways to become contributing members of the community. Brandon’s job coach was specifically seeking opportunities to increase Brandon’s social skills, confidence and job skills. After interviewing Brandon, we matched him in our Matched Volunteer Program (MVP) which connects people with disabilities to community volunteering. Brandon became the VCOC’s Roving Reporter.

As our Roving Reporter, Brandon visited our nonprofit partner agencies interviewing and photographing volunteers and putting together a photo library for the Volunteer Center. This was a valuable opportunity for Brandon to interact with a varied group of community members in a professional capacity. Here is what Brandon’s job coach from Portal said about Brandon’s experience in our MVP program: “I have been part of a lot of work experiences but this one was the most gratifying. We were able to see Brandon come in very hesitant and leave a confident young man. He is ready to face his next challenge.”

Through the MVP program, Brandon not only gained confidence and work skills, but he also became aware of the needs of the community, how our local agencies are addressing those needs, and the significant role volunteers play in meeting those needs. As the following quote from Brandon illustrates, he left the MVP program with added professional skills and a heart for volunteerism.

“Thank you so wholeheartedly much for the awesome opportunity you gave me to begin my future careers, whatever they may be. Rest assured you have a lifetime advocate for volunteers and all the good work they do.”