Joel from Circle of Friends

Joel is a talkative child whose developmental disabilities get in the way of his establishing friendships. His behavior problems get in the way of participating in community events. His brothers receive many invitation to play with friends, but Joel is never invited anywhere by his classmates. When Joel gets an invitation from Circle of Friends, he gets excited because he finally has an invitation for a social event. He knows that there will be lots of accepting people for him to socialize with.  Joel’s parents don’t need to worry about his behavior at Circle of Friends events, because the group is so accepting; it’s a comfortable environment to socialize in. Joel’s brothers get to know siblings of other disabled kids, and they realize there are other families in a similar situation of having a disabled brother or sister.  Joel’s parents get to relax and not worry about his behavior or awkward social interactions.  It’s a win-win situation for Joel and his family. Thanks to your generous donations through the United Way of Northern Ozaukee’s annual campaign, we are able to offer social and recreational programs for Ozaukee County special needs children and their families.