Kathy from Balance

Kathy has been able to show the many doubters in her life that she can succeed in the community. Three years ago she moved into her own place for the first time. She moved from her family’s home into an apartment with another young woman in Port Washington. She has learned to take the taxi, do her own shopping and is even taking classes at the YMCA to improve her health.

Many had said he would not be able to do any of these things in her life due to her developmental disability. Now she makes her own arrangements to come to the Balance Center for Community Supported Living a couple of times each week. She has assistance in her home from a staff member through Balance’s Supported Living Program that helps her continue to make strides to greater independence. She has gained additional confidence through her employment at a local grocery store.

It is easy to see the pride in Kathy’s smile as she shares her many successes. Even though her own insecurities make her life stressful, continued reinforcement and reminders of her success from those people involved in her life are helping her build her confidence and give her strength from moving forward. 

United Way of Northern Ozaukee has been one of the early investors in Balance’s Supported Living Program and because of our support, they were able to leverage that relationship and gain additional funders and supporters for the program.