Kathy from Food Pantry

Kathy is thankful to the Food Pantry of Ozaukee County.  When she got laid off from her job a few years ago she needed help. Family Sharing was there to support her. Now she is pursuing her master’s degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering. The food pantry allows her to finish her pursuit of the degree. Kathy states, “College students aren't exactly rich. It definitely is a way for me to be able to afford food. Also, they offer a lot of food with nutritional value. I'm able to get lots of vegetables.”

Kathy enjoys the friendly surprises she receives from the Family Sharing. “Some days we come in and some ladies bring in some fresh flower bouquets. It kind of changes your mood, too. You feel a little bit down because you don't quite have the finances. It's nice to be able to have a couple of goodies once in a while, too. It's a little treat.” 

“I think it’s really important because Ozaukee is kind of thought of as more of a wealthy community but there’s people, needy people everywhere in the world. It’s important that this county has a program like this.”

The Food Pantry of Ozaukee County is one of United Way of Northern Ozaukee‘s partner agencies.  Your generous donations during our annual United Way campaign go to help fund this important critical needs program.