Marcia from Interfaith Caregivers


Typically strong, active and vibrant, Marcia was not ready to be dependent on help when she discovered a complete knee replacement was in her future.  The surgery was successful, however the recovery affected all aspects of her day to day routine.  Even taking the dog outside became temporarily impossible.  Marcia was required to have multiple physical therapy appointments for many weeks and was worried about what she was going to do.  Thanks to the support of United Way of Northern Ozaukee County, Interfaith Caregivers of Ozaukee was prepared to assist Marcia when she reached out for help.

“Words can’t express the gratitude I have for you, Interfaith Caregivers and your great team of drivers who have so willingly taken me to my physical therapy appointments.  I don’t know what I would have done thus far without your service.  I never anticipated such a long recovery! Needing to take my pain medication precludes me from driving myself, so the volunteers have been invaluable to me and my recovery process.”