Sarah from LEAD



For Sarah, joining the LEAD program was something she did because she saw the negative impacts drugs and alcohol had in her own family. As a young girl, Sarah struggled to understand her father’s addiction to alcohol and the pain it caused her mother. When her parents separated and she moved away with her mother, she missed her father and did not fully understand what was happening. Sarah also witnessed at a young age the way drugs negatively impacted two of her brothers who ended up being arrested for their drug addiction activities. She wanted a different path for herself and a positive path for her family.

Sarah was happy to find the LEAD program where she was able to surround herself with positive role models through the LEAD coordinators and advisors who could help her to process her father’s past addiction and the impact it has had on her life so far.  Sarah has found a supportive group of peers that share her same values and interests, giving her strength and courage in the face of challenges. Sarah’s father was able to find treatment and she has re-established a loving relationship with him where she is able to travel to visit him and enjoy their time together because of his recovery.

Sarah has a true giving spirit and volunteers at every opportunity for the service projects that LEAD undertakes and looks forward to continuing a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle for herself and her family.

Sarah has been a member of LEAD throughout her high school years and is now approaching graduation. She is looking forward to attending college and recently asked if she could continue to volunteer as part of the LEAD program in order to have a positive impact on others who may be in a position similar to her own. United Way of Northern Ozaukee reinvests donor’s dollars into helping fund and support the LEAD Program in high schools throughout Ozaukee County.