Volunteer Center of Ozaukee

Volunteering gives individuals a feeling of satisfaction that they helped someone else and made a difference in someone's life. The United Way partners with the Volunteer Center of Ozaukee County to connect groups and individuals to volunteer opportunities year round.

In 2015, over 5,595 referrals were made resulting over 4057 people volunteering to serve in community agencies. 

The Volunteer Center is the essential partner in improving the quality of life in Ozaukee County through recruiting and placing volunteers, supporting nonprofit organizations, connecting people to information and resources, and participating in strategic initiatives that mobilize volunteers to meet local community needs.


  •         PROMOTE VOLUNTEERING: The Volunteer Center excels at promoting volunteer opportunities through the media, newsletters and flyers, and through the Volunteer Center’s interactive website.
  •         CONNECT PEOPLE: The Volunteer Center plays a vital countywide role as a "One Stop Resource Center" that annually links individuals and groups to a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, educational opportunities, and technical assistance.
  •         BUILD CAPACITY FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: The Volunteer Center acts as the premiere training and development arm for many small and growing agencies. Seminars, “how to” workshops, consulting services, and a resource library provide vital means for staff, board members, and volunteers to learn about making good decisions for community organizations and promoting their effective and efficient programs.
  •         STRATEGIC INITIATIVES: The Volunteer Center proactively partners with community leaders, businesses, nonprofit agencies, and others to develop specific strategies in areas such as education, literacy, aging, and the environment that bring about needed programs to continue and enhance the quality of life in Ozaukee County.

I urge you to consider volunteering. I challenge you to give a couple hours of your time once a week at your convenience. Tuesday afternoon? Thursday night? Saturday morning? Sunday?

Where? The possibilities are endless; nearly every organization welcomes volunteers, helping hands, fresh faces, new ideas. Find an opportunity that resonates with you. Contact http://www.volunteerozaukee.org