The Adult Literacy Center of Ozaukee County

Partner since 2017


To provide individualized educational services for adult learners to improve academic and life skills, and to help them pursue their personal, professional and life goals. 
United Way of Northern Ozaukee-Funded Program: One-on-One Tutoring 
The Adult Literacy Center (ALC) of Ozaukee County provides one-on-one tutoring tailored to the needs of each student. ALC serves adult learners in a variety of needs, including: 

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) 
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE), including instruction in language arts and mathematics 
  • General Education Development (GED) preparation 
  • College entrance and class assistance 
  • Citizenship Instruction (lessons in civics and language instruction for citizenship preparation) 
  • Community and business partnerships to help strengthen critical job skills 


1. In 2019, the ALC designed and implemented a self-assessment tool for students to complete. This self-assessment tool will measure a student’s progress in academics, employment, and life skills.
2. Individual Students will report progress in academics, employment and life skills.


1. Of the 35 students who completed the self-assessment in 2019, 100% reported having an increased skill level as well as increased confidence in reading, writing, speaking and listening. 
2. Three ALC students obtained United States citizenship in 2019 with the help of their volunteer tutors who helped them study and prepare for this endeavor.  Additionally, three ALC Students were able to successfully complete employment interviews and were hired at local businesses during 2019.

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