Community Impact Fund

The Community Impact Fund was set up to help provide seed money to partner agencies in order to address a gap in service or cover an unmet critical need. This fund is similar to an incubator fund in which United Way of Northern Ozaukee helps launch a new program with test performance data:  This positions an agency(ies) to successfully apply for future matching funds from other revenue sources.  The fund's revenue is raised through the annual Ozaukee Autumn Open "Scramblin' for Funds" golf outing.

2020 Community Impact Grant 

In 2020, United Way of Northern Ozaukee raised over $15,000 to fund a grant to Advocates of Ozaukee to support victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Each year Advocates talks with over 1,560 individuals - women, children and men - who are hurt by a person in their lives who is supposed to be safe and loving. United Way of Northern Ozaukee’s grant will provide additional programming, advocacy, education and resources to empower those who have experienced domestic or sexual violence. 

2021 Community Impact Grant 

In 2021, United Way of Northern Ozaukee’s Community Impact Grant will benefit four nonprofits with one overarching goal: Help families and individuals who have experienced trauma or are in crisis. Proceeds from our fall golf outing will fund a newly created shared care coordinator resource to provide holistic care to families and individuals in our community. Advocates of Ozaukee, Lakeshore Regional Child Advocacy Center, Ozaukee Family Services and Sirona Recovery will connect interagency clients to the services and resources they need to reduce their risks and improve their overall health.