Homelessness Prevention Program

If you, or someone you know, is at risk of losing your home, the Ozaukee County Homelessness Prevention Program could help.

To learn more and find help 24/7, call 262-284-3577.

Not ready to call? Wondering if you qualify? Read this FAQ. (PDF will open in a new window.)

The Facts on Homelessness in Ozaukee County

Click the image below for a printable card (PDF format) with the contact information.

Community leaders gathered at the Port Washington State Bank last fall to learn more about the county's homeless issue. UWNO hired Wilberg Community Planning to do an independent study, so as to ensure that countywide homeless services and resources are being directed at solving the right problem.

The report illustrated that our homeless picture is different than other counties in southeastern Wisconsin. The data indicated that in Ozaukee County we do not have high numbers of people who are literally homeless, living on the street, or in places that are not fit for human habitation. The picture that emerged indicated that we have people who are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. These are people who have experienced a job loss, unexpected medical bills, or a rent increase they cannot afford. Please read the full report to learn more about what steps we are taking to develop a strong homeless prevention network to keep people in their homes. We are looking for keystakeholders that will expand our network and broaden our capacity to end homelessness. If you are interested in participating, contact Barbara Bates-Nelson at 248 613 7855 or email at uwno@sbcglobal.net.




Click here to read the full report on homelessness in Ozaukee County in 2015.