A Message from Our Executive Director & Board President

A Message from Our Executive Director & Board President

It’s been tough to live as a community in the last couple years. We have been sheltered from one another for our own health and for the health of our community. We have struggled with loss, illness, uncertainty, isolation and so much more. We have had to come to terms with sacrifice for the health and wellbeing of others in ways most of us haven’t experienced before.

And yet, as we went through this pandemic together as a community, we have also found our need and our desire to be together, to share our lives and to take care of one another. We have recognized in tangible ways that being a community requires individual action and responsibility. We know how essential it is to be an engaged part of our community and to support our neighbors. We have found that strength and hope live nearby and that we ourselves are the strength and hope that is needed everyday.

We have shown that we can LIVE UNITED for a better, healthier and stronger community.

Please help us move forward together stronger, healthier and UNITED.

Craig Modahl, Board President

Barbara Bates-Nelson, Executive Director