COPE Hotline

COPE received a call from a young man who was living in a Sober House somewhere in the western part of the United States.  He had been successful in treatment for Heroin and now was in the Sober House for a few more months to solidify his recovery.  Normally there were always several people in the house, but due to illness he happened to be the only one there.  He was feeling the urge to leave the house and seek out his drug dealer.  He looked in his wallet and found the laminated card for COPE that he had been given as a student in an Ozaukee County school many years before. He called our number. One of our listeners was able to talk with him and provide support until people returned to the home to stay with him. He credited the listener with saving his sobriety.

Last year, COPE answered over 20,000 calls for help. Thanks to your generous donations, UWNO was able to provide funding and support for this caring connection in Ozaukee County.