Mobilizing Communities


Beginning in 2014, UWNO is taking a new step forward to identify the root causes of community need in order to create lasting change.  This new focus works proactively to seek solutions to community problems.

We are looking at best practices from all over the country to learn from like communities, and working with the local and county governments to get a broad range of ideas, so we can prioritize and work for the greater good. Our goal in the next year is to continue these conversations, find our natural partners, work together, and begin the process of driving measurable outcomes of success.

These are the steps we will take in this new focus:

  •     Identify and prioritize needs
  •     Choose a focus area
  •     Develop initiatives to address the focus area
  •     Implement those initiatives
  •     Measure the results


Prioritizing Needs

United Way works with the community to identify and respond to top needs. Even in a wealthy county like Ozaukee, 1 in 10 people need a helping hand.

  •     Over 42,000 pounds of food was distributed to 600 households each month
  •     In Grafton, 12-17% of the student body qualify for food share. That number goes up in Northern Ozaukee schools to 29.9%
  •     Ozaukee County has seen almost a 53 % increase in the number of persons age 85+ in the last twenty years.
  •     Advocates, Ozaukee's domestic shelter saw a significant increase of 66% in the total number of child clients served in 2012 , that needs still continues to climb.  Over the past two years, Advocates has seen a 27% rise in child clients.
  •     The COPE Hotline takes in over 20,000 calls annually.


Focused Initiative

The topics that community conversations have identified as top needs are:

  •     Transportation
  •     Substance Abuse
  •     Mental Health
  •     Financial Resources
  •     Youth Development
  •     Homeless Prevention

Change only happens when we all work together.  If you are interested in getting involved and making a difference in your community, please contact us.