Ozaukee Family Services

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To improve lives to help individuals and families succeed.

United Way of Northern Ozaukee-Funded Program: Parent Education Program

Ozaukee Family Services provide parents and caregivers with information and support to promote the healthy growth and development of children and to strengthen family relationships. OFS classes include early learning and development classes for children, and educational and supportive services for parents, including workshops, group classes and home visits. 



  • 96% of participants in the Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visiting program reported that their visits with a parent educator strengthened their relationship with their child.
  • 96% of PAT participants reported learning skills that helped them feel more confident in their parenting skills.
  • 95% of PAT participants reported that the program increased their understanding of their child’s development.
  • 91% of PAT participants reported that they felt less stressed with the help of the program and their parent educator.

To learn more about how Ozaukee Family Services is supporting parents and strengthening parenting skills, go to ozaukeefamilyservices.org.