Thank You Bob for Your Years of Service

Bob Haupt, Ozaukee County Director of Social Services, retired after thirty-three years of service to the citizens of Ozaukee County. At a retirement party held in his honor, Bob presented the United Way of Northern Ozaukee with a gift of over $2650.00.  "We were honored and humbled by Bob's decision to ask that in lieu of retirement gifts, donations be made to United Way," exclaimed Barbara Bates-Nelson, Executive Director.  The generous gift demonstrates the high esteem in which Bob is held by his friends, colleagues, and County Board members.

Bob began his illustrious career as a Social Worker of the Juvenile Justice Unit for the Department of Social Services. He served as the Director of Social Services from 1999- 2013. Bob was instrumental in the initiating and chairing of local collaborative efforts to provide services to delinquent youths and their families as an alternative to long-term institutional care. Bob also worked collaboratively between schools as well as private and public human service agencies to develop effective programs and policies with children who were at risk of committing delinquent offenses or being victims of abuse and neglect.  This thirty year partnership continues to exist today.

"As a zealous advocate for health and human services needs, Bob is aware of the growing need for services in Ozaukee County," continued Bates-Nelson.  For example, food share participation in Ozaukee County increased over 400% in the last ten years.  COPE, the crisis hotline received over 22,872 calls for help. Bob's generosity will help those and other Ozaukee county families who are experiencing hardship this past year.